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Ask Shallon: Tips For a Double Date | Dating Advice

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Feb 15

Couple’s dream marriage ceremony spoiled as valuables go missing

A dream destination marriage ceremony for a Vancouver pair became a nightmare after a wedding ring along with thousands and thousands of dollars in treasures went missing from their checked luggage.

Just two weeks earlier, Lance Brown and Stephanie Brown flew from Vancouver to Hawaii for their marriage ceremony. After hitting Maui, they were really shocked to see Lance’s luggage come off the baggage carousel enclosed in a plastic garbage bag.

When the pair spread out the bag, they saw that US$ 4000 worth of valuables had melted – and that includes a wedding ring. According to reports, Lance told a leading Canada based television channel that he believed that the latch broke, but when he got the bag back to the house, they opened it up and the latch was working just fine, and all his valuables are missing. He added that most importantly was his wedding ring as well as his grandfather’s cufflinks at that point. Continue reading →

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boyfriend tips

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Nov 14

Modern women dream of their big day

The late Dominican American fashion designer Oscar De la Renta had once stated in the Vogue magazine that the wedding dress was the most important attire the entire life of a woman. This observation was definitely a very interesting one because in 2014, women have advanced a lot and have also achieved great feats in their respective careers. However their wedding day and wedding attire is still a thought that most of them dream of.

Sami Horneff, 24 is employed in On Location Tours; Manhattan as an actress and guide has been planning of her wedding since childhood and has been thinking about every detail from the color of her clothes to the floral arrangements. She has no one in view to marry as of now yet she says that the wedding night is actually the gateway to the rest of one’s life. There are many other women who thinks on the same lines as Horneff does and they are so passionate in fantasizing the big night that go on to look at the designs of their wedding rings and other aspects from various websites.

An interesting study conducted by Wedding Photography in Manchester revealed that 25 percent of their readers were not engaged. A clinical psychologist named Sue Johnson, found this immense passion and fascination to be a little dangerous. Emily Fairchild, who is a professor of sociology, mentioned that even in the present time marriage is a kind of social identification for woman while a man doesn’t consider it to be a necessary aspect.

The increased fascination about wedding among the women of the present times have been elaborated in more details by the author of Cinderella Ate my Daughter, Peggy Orenstein who mentions that the popularity of wedding may be because of the increase in divorce rates. Ms. Horneff on a concluding note states that in spite of all her achievements she will consider herself to have failed if not married and perhaps this may be the view point of most other women of today.

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Dating Tips for Women: What Are Men Attracted to?

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