May 15

Long Distance Relationship Tips!!!! – Duel Commentary with my Boyfriend!! (Avenged2336)

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Apr 15

Wedding showcase starts at the Evanston History Center

There was a huge wedding cake at Thursday night’s opening reception the “Evanston Ties the Knot,” a showcase featuring Evanston’s wedding-related historical artifacts. The showcase, a digest of bridal gowns as well as other matrimonial dresses and accessories, officially starts to public Friday at Evanston History Center, 225 Greenwood St. Around seventy visitors attended the marriage reception-themed opening event.

Janet C. Messmer, The center’s costume curator, told that she has organized the showcase over the last year by looking for the museum’s extensive dress collection for marriage artifacts as well as requesting donations and loans of historically important pieces from the Evanston community members.

Messmer told that he wanted to do the exhibit to actually explore not only costume fashion, but marriage customs those clothes reflect, and the alterations that have taken place in terms of wedding customs from the middle of the nineteenth century when Evanston was founded up to the present day.

A total of nineteen mannequins clad in bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, officiant robes as well as other pieces were showcased in the library as well as 2 upper-story bedrooms of the center that is the former home of past United States Vice President Charles Gates Dawes. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Best Romantic Date tips (VDAY)

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Mar 15

Ask Shallon: Tips For a Double Date | Dating Advice

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Feb 15

Couple’s dream marriage ceremony spoiled as valuables go missing

A dream destination marriage ceremony for a Vancouver pair became a nightmare after a wedding ring along with thousands and thousands of dollars in treasures went missing from their checked luggage.

Just two weeks earlier, Lance Brown and Stephanie Brown flew from Vancouver to Hawaii for their marriage ceremony. After hitting Maui, they were really shocked to see Lance’s luggage come off the baggage carousel enclosed in a plastic garbage bag.

When the pair spread out the bag, they saw that US$ 4000 worth of valuables had melted – and that includes a wedding ring. According to reports, Lance told a leading Canada based television channel that he believed that the latch broke, but when he got the bag back to the house, they opened it up and the latch was working just fine, and all his valuables are missing. He added that most importantly was his wedding ring as well as his grandfather’s cufflinks at that point. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Men Dating Tips – 4 Simple Steps on How to Impress Girl

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Jan 15

GTA 5: Boyfriend Tips on the RADIO!

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Dec 14

boyfriend tips

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