A Good Boyfriend

Dating Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. You’re really beautiful

  2. Wow boobs:)

  3. heres a though instead of her cheating on you like a slut whore, why
    doesn’t she just break up with you and go on her way

  4. How Funny! When your Partner Cheats its your Falt! These concepts have
    existed for how long like 10 years! Whats wrong with people these days! Its
    weather or not a person is decent! What kind of heart do you have? What
    kind of person are you..? Break up then go out with some one else.. What
    people have become

  5. the last bitch i went out with i bent over backwards for for 8 years and
    she still slutted around and fucked me over just lack of respect its all
    about avoiding this type of girl alltogether

  6. Great advice, but it’s hard to change some things tho, like drinking,
    smoking, etc…

  7. But what if the girl keeps on keeping what she really wants in the

  8. gofockyourself123

    love the nosejob too.

  9. Fuck you

  10. oh the level of clingy-ness on her part is practically super glued to

  11. Are you at facebook ?

  12. Who the fuck could date this girl? PUSSY COULDN’T BE THAT GOOD!

  13. They’re fun to look at.

  14. Can I love them too? ; – )

  15. So true. No man can make you happy. You need to understand how to maintain
    happiness in your life before you can be happy in a relationship. There is
    no prince charming that will come and save you.

  16. they say asian guys dont cheat, have you found that to be true?

  17. mee too!! meeee too 🙂

  18. a few good men… awesome film

  19. a girl cheats bec shes a whore no other reason

  20. gud job

  21. i wanna motorboat those tits so bad

  22. its called being selfish and unfaithful

  23. she might get a new guy very easy but she will never get a sexy beast like
    me ever again in her life ,

  24. hey! thank you so much for sharing thiss! oh and you are really gorgeous 🙂
    i dont have a girlfriend so i subbed youu^^

  25. your welcome 🙂 thanks for watching