Anna Kendrick Gives Dating Tips and Advice—GQ Magazine September Issue

Courting Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. I find nothing attractive about her. I really want to, but I just don’t.
    I’m sure she’s a nice person though.

  2. No! No blonde hair

  3. basketofpuppys

    Lets Throw some sex on the table

  4. Codi Campbell

    Her smile…

  5. Absolute beauty.

  6. LOL! Most people want to date her for sure!!

  7. internetzpotato

    I wish they’d do more fun stuff like the “Offended or Flattered” bit they
    did with Lizzy Kaplan, instead of that dating tips crap. What do these
    women know about helping men date anyway? Or does GQ like to do that when
    a model doesn’t have any personality?

  8. Anna kendrick is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen.

  9. kendrick love continues…what what

  10. Justin San Diego

    Hubba hubba.

  11. so fucking perfect love the artist stelios phili she is the hottest person
    i have seen

  12. I watched this so many times. I’m deeply in love with her. She’s almost
    perfect! I want to have a conversation with her. ♥

  13. i lo ve how it says legs media and she has legs..

  14. That beat ***

  15. plain jane

  16. I HAD to watch it a few times thanks to advertisements and fianlly clicked
    on it to come here and post what I thought. You sound like the mass of
    retards out there that follow some ‘famous’ persons life because your own
    sucks so badly. I really don’t care what she is like, im sick of the
    feminist agenda pushing these false values onto men and woman and then do a
    180 and be a hypocrite. I even have to wonder if those were even her own
    words, and not ‘forced’ to say them.

  17. JoshyPlays MC

    She sooooooooooo beautiful

  18. Iv got to confess, Iv watched this video like 10 times as ab ad to another
    video, when something comes on screen with Anna Kendrick in sexy clothes,
    you just gotta watch it!

  19. Venom The PC Gamer

    So hot!

  20. Brenden Funes


  21. I only came here for the song in the background tbh. Does anyone know the
    song? Lol

  22. What does she said about cancer? Can’t undestand half of her words

  23. I believe gdpone is nothing more than a troll stirring up the pot. He or
    she wants to start an invalid argument for the simple reason of pleasure.
    He or she clearly has a boring lifestyle.

  24. first ad i didn’t skip and not for song

  25. That best!