Dating Tips for Socially Awkward Guys!

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  1. Richard Frimpong

    Fair dinkum, I’m 22 so it’s even worse :P 

  2. I like your shirt, John.

  3. I’m a socially awkward 21 year old woman who has never been on a date. I really need to get out there.

  4. Approach her and ask her out. Nothing more to it. This would be more of a problem if YOU were the shy one. Since she’s shy in your case, the worst thing that could happen is that she’s indecisive. The worst thing that could happen is that she answers “I don’t know” instead of a direct yes or no.

    Hope this helped.

  5. @eagleclaww what makes you say that?

  6. jayden plener

    Hey guys I like this shy girl and her friends come up to me and say that she likes me but I don’t know how to ask her out cause shes shy

    If this does end up on the show please leave this as anonymous

  7. you sir, just won the internet

  8. all throughout elementary and middle school I was bullied. when I reached highschool, things lsowed down. Though the bullying stopped as people matured…somewhat, I was left being incredibly socialy awkward and having no confidence to speak of. After my entire ninth grade year with almost no friends, I developed a persona, much along the lines of what Lisa was talking about. this helped greatly the comming year. thought I’d share and spread some hope.It’s all about getting out there.

  9. Just like romance movies are for Women.

  10. 3 yeas to answer that question??!!!……I think he committed suicide

  11. lol Same here, coming from an awkward guy. :P

  12. i do that when dating girls lol

  13. My advice: four shots of the captain, or whatever it takes for you to get a buzz rolling (but not drunk).

  14. Falconguygaming

    i love your shirt

  15. NorwayChallenge

    Haha. Finally a funny top comment :-) 

  16. i bet lisa likes assholes only. dirty girl

  17. The first girl is usually the one who’s the most difficult to get over, or the most difficult one for whom to summon the courage to ask out. That being said, once you’ve asked out one girl, then two, three etc, you’ll realise that your fears of rejection will never be as bad as you think they’ll be if you ask courteously and don’t pressure her into anything. For the most part, girls are flattered for the attention and they won’t be mean in turning you down if you ask nicely and are polite!

  18. too much completely shaved vaginas… I like a little hair down there, unless you are in a solid relationship ladies, don’t shave it off completely, it makes you seem slutty thats a huge turn off for guys looking for lasting relationships

  19. Ifen I see a girl that I am attracted to, I always talk to them, or at least let them know how I feel… but the last thing I want is to break someone elses relationship

  20. I think how you treat a defenseless animal IS a valid issue of character — much more than whether you’ve ever enjoyed sex in your life

  21. i had my first kiss at 6 then again at 8,13,15,16

  22. you mean…fake it until you make it ?

  23. Jared Fontaine

    I am 25 and I have never had a girlfriend…

  24. You get a warm feeling in your belly, almost like giving someone a hug you’ve missed for a long time and you get excited, not much different as when you’re older really, this girl wanted to sleep with me but I was way scared so I always said: “Maybe tomorrow” lol