GIRLS, MY GIRLFRIEND, AND TIPS | Thats Life Ep #2 | MW3 Chaos Mode (x300+)

Relationship Video clip Score: five / 5

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  1. haha my girlfriend is my right hand lmfao so hilarious

  2. list some new topics here! also pls rate da vid :3

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  4. Do another Would You Rather!! There Awesome

  5. Your childhood

  6. umm ur first gaming experience use that lol

  7. I like being that little kid

  8. talk about dollah $wagg

  9. Lmaoo i do that ALL DAY!!! Random kid -“Hey whats up” Me – “SHUT THE FUCK
    UP!” lmaoo

  10. What in the fuck is that?

  11. favorite movies???

  12. dylan, can i do a commentarry on girls, on your channel?

  13. Thx for using my gaming community idea

  14. any more ideas? feel free to comment em 🙂

  15. thanks tiedie for taking my advice cool vid!!!

  16. first day of high school

  17. you have elite

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