Online Dating : Tips & Websites | Feat: PlentyofFish

Courting Video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Because you just wanna be a pop off keep it 100.


    pof is koo but the women usually don’t have any conversation lol

  3. Justin Mitchell

    1 in 5 marriage are started online. I’ve had luck with online dating. For me, you really don’t know who’s single and who’s not. But dig this, I was moving to a new complex and they asked for me to send them a PDF of my ID. I called this complex, they said “we needed you ID to do a background check”. After doing research, I ran into how to do my own background check. I also used this site to do a woman’s background check. Hey, there’s an easy way to avoid cat fishing. BeenVerified. (com)

  4. imperfectbeautyiam


  5. ThePlayerSupremeshow

    Good video. You are expressing all of the points that I am trying to get across to the males that I am coaching in dating. Knuckleheads just won’t go the distance it seems to understand that a online profiles is actually a AD! As a ad it should be designed to ATTRACT not REPEL!

  6. what state you live in ?? in you dont mind me asking… because i get on plenty of fish all the time and it seems like the men on there play a lot of games. you can have a convosation with them one day the next day u don t hey from them ! and again its the same men that be on it all day every day

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  8. why we go on dating sites? Why dont we just hook up from youtube?

  9. Nothing wrong with online dating at all. I am signed up too because the black men in my city love white woman, so I am doomed lol. I have no choice but to online date.

  10. pof is cool. a lot of creeps, but there are some good and decent men on there

  11. I have a love hate relationship with POF. I think it’s because I’m in San Diego and there arent a lot of black people and it’s a military town. I hate when people have raggedy pictures, their smoking, flashing money, or want your number without even asking your name. It’s hard because its quantity over quality so at times if doesnt feel genuine.

  12. This helped alot

  13. I met cool people on pof

  14. i love Pof ive been on there for a whule and met a lot of guys and all were pretty good

  15. Thanx for doing this video and being honest. Definitely gonna check out POF I thought it was a hookup site but after your review I think I’ll create a profile

  16. What u think about a man that’s on POF, Zoosk, BPM, Bado, Tagged, etc……. and has a girlfriend?

  17. I prefer online dating as well, great tips for online beginners (^_^) or people that just want to sprouse up there profile. Good vid hun.  POF is not on of my Fav’s but there are A LOT of people on there.

  18. I agree POF is pretty good I met my boyfriend on there and we’ve been together since May I know it’s not long but there’s actually good men on there, like you said you have to weed through them.

  19. Destiny Michelle

    I found my first boyfriend on POF…He’s an amazing man.
    That’s the only site I would ever use!!!

  20. It’s mainly military men on pof

  21. imperfectbeautyiam

    LOLLLL ! yes they are in abundance on there!

  22. I know where I’m going for my white man then

  23. imperfectbeautyiam

    no prob hun!

  24. imperfectbeautyiam

    yeah no prob! from what i see looks like most of the people who were on BPM are on POF. I think men playing games will be everywhere tho.

  25. imperfectbeautyiam

    and i said it in the video as well lol